Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jack + Art Class = tired mama

There's a new art class in town for 2 & 3 year olds that I thought would be perfect for Jack. He had his first class today and let's just say I'm staying positive. I'll also preface all of this by saying his projects turned out very cute and he had a fun time with all of it.
When Jack started music class, the first two were pretty rough in terms of him paying attention and following directions but then he got it down pretty well. I'm thinking the same thing might happen with art class. We got there a few minutes early and Jack could.not.sit.still in his chair. The teacher had lined up sheets of paper by the wall with each child's name on them. Jack decided to run around on them, wrinkling them and ripping a few. Nice. Then they did their first project, a 'hamburger':

This was Jack's first time using glue....and tasting glue. He ate some, decided he didn't like it and then rubbed his glue covered hand all over his face trying to remove the taste of glue from his mouth. 

The second project was with watercolors:

The teacher set bowls of colored water with straws in the middle of the table and told us (the moms) to drip a little bit of paint on the paper and let the kids use a straw to blow it around on the paper. Jack was not satisfied with those instructions. He wanted to use the paint, so we struggled to hold it upright for a few seconds, resulting in paint splashed all over both of us. He relinquished control of the paint and had fun blowing the drops (plus a little drool) around on the paper. :) 
The last project was a cupcake made of playdoh:

This was by far Jack's favorite project. He carried his 'cupcake' around all afternoon and called it his birthday cake. It is playdoh decorated with beads and rice. He was so proud of it, he had to carry it in the car on the way home....which was fine until I turned around and saw him licking it. 

He is my very spirited child and I've said it a million times but will say it again. As much as he makes me work, I wouldn't change anything about him. Sometimes it may feel a little stressful when I'm in the middle of it, but I always look back and giggle. Now, I might need to look for a class that's a little more of a physical outlet for him. Maybe soccer?

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