Monday, June 20, 2011

Sydney Rae Hanken

I am a terrible mother! Sydney is 2 months old and I haven't even posted about her birth. Yep, that's what life is like with 2 under 2. :)

Where to start? I was SO ready to have this little girl! At 40 weeks and 6 days we went to our Dr. appt for a non-stress test (which seems to be a regular part of pregnancy for me and my overdue babies!) and Dr. Klingner said I was 1 cm dilated. Ug! So frustrating. Not that it means anything, but I just wanted some progress.
Fast-forward to 8pm that night and I started having contractions. Not Braxton Hicks, real contractions! I was so cautiously excited. Cautious because I was worried it wasn't really labor and they were uncomfortable but not too uncomfortable. I was trying to convince myself that I was just THAT good at this labor thing and this was the real deal. So, when the contractions stopped at 11pm, I was waving the white flag. I headed to bed, convinced I'd be pregnant forever.

At 2:30 I woke up with ACTUAL contractions. Like the kind that really hurt. I called our wonderful friend Kacee who was lined up to come stay with Jack while we went to the hospital. She lives in Denver so we waited for her to drive up. She was so excited, it only took an hour for her to get here!

We got to the hospital at 4am and I was convinced I had to be almost ready to give birth. Not a chance. I was dilated to a 3. They kept me for an hour to make sure I was really in labor. I'm a wimp, but I knew the pain I felt was real labor. An hour later I dilated 1 cm so they let me stay. My labor progressed about a centimeter an hour until 7am when I was at a 6. I had a 'Come to Jesus' moment where I honestly knew there wasn't a chance that I wasn't going to get an epidural. I bow down to those who can do it without, but I am not one of them!
I got the epidural within an hour and my labor stalled out. I dilated only 1/2 a centimeter over the next 3 hours. And, I was just laying on the bed watching tv. I just kept telling Chris I wasn't earning this. It was relaxing and comfortable!
Around 10am our doctor came in and said my contractions were regular enough, just not quite strong enough. She said she wanted to give me the smallest dose of pitocin, which would take 30 minutes to kick in but in the meantime I should get completely on my left side to help Sydney reposition. Evidently she was looking to the side, not face down or up like she needed to be to come out.
Wouldn't you know it, 15 minutes after I got on my left side (before the pitocin had a chance to kick in) I had gone from a 6-1/2 to a 10 and was ready to push. It turns out all Sydney needed was a little repositioning!

Our doctor decided then was a good time to tell me she was worried that Sydney would be a pretty big baby. I heard her telling the nurses to watch the shoulders. I've seen enough baby birth shows to know that isn't good! So, I was a little worried about getting her out. God was watching out for us because after two pushes, not-so-little Sydney Rae was welcomed into the world! She was 9lbs 9oz (exactly 1 lb bigger than her brother!) and 21-1/2" long.

The most surprising part was her head FULL of hair! When I was pregnant, Chris told me he had a dream that she had dark hair. I kept telling him there's no way that would happen and I'd pay him a million dollars if she did have dark hair. Looks like I lost the bet!!!

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