Friday, March 4, 2011

Where'd my little baby go?

Mr. Independent had to pull the wagon with his chicken in it during our walk this week. I just kept looking at him in amazement and feel so grateful to have such a great little guy. I also think it's funny that the chicken in the wagon was a Foster Imposter from my days at Foster Farms. He sat on a shelf in my office in his OSU t-shirt and never did I imagine that someday he'd be in a wagon being pulled around by our son!
It seems like yesterday that this little guy came into our lives and here he is, 18 months old! He definitely wears me out, especially with #2 on the way, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I just keep feeling like I wish I could slow everything down and capture every moment. Since I can't, I thought I'd record a few of Jack's new developments.
1. Smoke detectors: I have no idea why he's obsessed with them, but he is. He finds them in other people's houses and every time he walks down our hallway, he has to point at it and say 'Tekter!'  He started pointing at them a few months ago (not sure if the light is what attracted his attention?) but the 'tekter' is a recent addition.
2. Done!: Jack had learned to sign 'all done' when he was through eating. Now, he prefers to flip the tray of his highchair onto the floor (food and all) and then yell 'Done!' to let us know.
3.  Mooooo: cows are 'moos' but so are horses. Poor guy can't really tell the difference between them yet. If it's in a field, it's going to get an enthusiastic 'mooooo!'
4. For the love of Da-da: Jack calls Chris da-da, points at pictures of him and says 'da-da', points at Chris' ID badge for work and says 'da-da', will get Chris' wallet off the counter and open it to his driver's license and say 'da-da'....what am I?  Nothing! He can say 'ma-ma' if you ask him to say it, but if you point to me and ask who I am, he'll make up a name like "Jibby-jow" or just look at me. How's that for gratitude? :)
5. Balloons and bubbles: If the world were made of these two things, Jack would be in heaven! He has to have bubbles in his bath, every time. When we go to the grocery store, we have to go straight to the floral department and get a free helium balloon for him to carry around the store. I keep telling myself that I'd rather it be the balloon than the free cookie they give away in the bakery. We're not going to go there yet!
6. Elmo!: I've never liked Elmo. He was my least favorite character on Sesame Street....I just didn't get the appeal. Of course, fate would have it that Jack is obsessed with Elmo. We don't really have him watch too much television, but I did start letting him watch the Elmo segment on Sesame Street last week. Now the television is named Elmo and every time he walks into the livingroom, he says 'Melmo?' I really don't get it!

We're just having so much fun with him and it's amazing to see how much he seems to absorb on a daily basis. Now to start thinking about what it will be like with two. Hmmmm.....