Wednesday, January 27, 2010

He's a SITTER!

Jack sat for the first time by himself on Jan 11th. Here's a little video I took to commemorate the big event.

So long since I've been on here!

I'll admit, time has gotten away from me. I think I spend too much time on FB so don't want to post the same photos and stories on the blog. But, I know I'll regret not capturing more memories here later. Here's a quick recap:

We had a great Christmas in Oregon. We weren't sure how Jack would do in the car for 18 hours each way, but he was fantastic! We decided to leave Fort Collins at 7pm and drive all night. I'll rephrase that: Chris drove all night. Truth be told, I only drove for about an hour. Jack was amazing for the first 14 hours, but the last four he got a little fussy. Who can blame him! I was getting fussy.
I always think we'll have more time than we do when we go home. There were so many friends I wanted to see that we never got to meet up with. I think next time we need to plan a longer trip, but it's hard to get away for more than a week.
We did get to go to Corvallis while we were there. We had lunch with Aaron and Erik and checked out the campus which was like a little trip down memory lane. I think after living there for 8 years it really feels like home. It's still hard to believe we haven't lived in Portland for 10 years!!
Jack turned 4 months old on Christmas. He was such a little chatter box while we were at home. He had so much to say! Here's a video that Grandma Diane took of him a few days before Christmas:

It was really great to see him with his little cousins, Gwen and Jon. It really makes me wish we lived closer so they could grow up together, but I guess for now they'll have to settle for holidays!