Friday, September 18, 2009

Time flies.....

I can't believe Jack will be four weeks old on Tuesday. It's amazing how fast the last three and a half weeks have gone by!
Jack is such a beautiful baby. He's pretty easy going and usually only cries when he's hungry (which is all the time)! This little guy was born at 8lbs 9oz, went down to 8lbs 4oz before we left the hospital and at his two week check up (which was at 2 weeks, 3 days) he weighed TEN lbs 1 oz!!! Amazing! He definitely knows how to eat; no hesitation or problems getting him to breastfeed.

Week One
What a crazy adjustment! I'm not sure how it happens, but I think there's a switch that gets flipped after giving birth that allows you to sleep light enough to hear every little grunt and wake up seven times a night without a problem. Seven might be an exaggeration, but you get what I mean. We spent the week getting to know each other and it was really wonderful that Chris was able to take two weeks off so we could all stay home together. It was definitely a team effort! We had a few diaper experiences that left us laughing pretty hard...I'm sure it'll get old and won't evoke the same response but Jack is really good at having you change a poopy diaper only to get the next diaper on so he can promptly fill it again. We had a few of those that were followed by him peeing all over himself as we were changing the second diaper. Comedy of errors!

Week Two
When Jack was two weeks old, my mom came to visit. It was great having her here so she could meet Jack and the help was nice since Chris had to go back to work. It's a little sad thinking she's all the way in Virginia and won't be able to see Jack as often as if we lived closer to each other. I have a few photos of her holding Jack but haven't been able to get them loaded yet.
This week we took Jack to meet everyone at Chris' office and he also had his first play date. As you can see in the photos, Jack really needs to work on his social skills. We have really tried to get out and not keep Jack locked up in the house all the time. While my mom was here we went out for sushi at Suehiro's, Jack's first time going out for dinner. I was just excited to finally be able to eat RAW sushi since I couldn't while I was pregnant.Jack got to meet his buddy, Archer, this week. Archer was born exactly one lb bigger than Jack, 11 days after Jack. Archer belongs to our friends Reid and Kacee.

Jack and Samira, daughter of our friends Aron and Patricia. We haven't had the 'don't hit girls' talk yet.Jack at his first play date with Aida, Sawyer, and Samira. Yes, Jack is trying to nurse on Samira's forehead.

Week Three
Chris' mom came to visit this week. Again, it was great to have Grandma spend time with Jack. Diane took Jack outside a lot and he really seemed to like it. This photo was from when they were walking around the house and he fell asleep with his face smashed into her arm. :)

This is one of my favorite photos of Jack. Uncle Robert and Aunt Rikki sent this adorable monkey towel that has JACK embroidered on the back with a monkey tail. Diane took this photo of Jack after he took a bath. Such a cute little guy!I feel so blessed to have such a healthy baby! I am so excited to see what his personality will be like, to see him learn how to crawl, walk, talk....but at the same time I want time to slow down so I can enjoy every moment. It's been such an amazing experience!