Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jack Christopher Hanken is here!

The day we've been waiting for! I woke up at 2am on Monday, August 24th with contractions. They felt a little stronger than the contractions I had been having so I got my hopes up. :) The contractions continued until our 41 week appointment at 11 am where Dr. Klingner told me it was probably prodromal labor and told me to hang in there. Not knowing what 'prodromal' was, I came home and immediately googled it. Turns out prodromal is the nice medical term for false labor. Dr. Klingner said I was in too good of spirits to be having really strong contractions. I assured her these were 'real' contractions, I was just handling them well. Little did I know! I spent the rest of the afternoon walking on the treadmill, doing lunges, anything I could think of. In hindsight, I should have rested! I was just afraid that resting would make the contractions stop.

My contractions got closer together as the day progressed and by evening I needed Chris to help me get through them by applying counter pressure on my back. At 10pm my water broke and I decided to take a shower. I barely made it through the shower before I was telling Chris we needed to head to the hospital. I was starting to realize what 'real' contractions actually felt like!
I told Chris on the way to the hospital that this baby was going to be born anytime......yeah, sure.

We checked into the hospital around 11pm and the nurse examined me and announced I was all of 2cm dilated and 90% effaced. TWO! I could have sworn it was closer to 10!
I tried the labor ball (hated it), sitting in the tub (hated it), and ultimately found that standing with Chris pushing on my back was the best way to get through it. The funniest part (not at the time) of the tub was turning the jets on and realizing they really hurt more than they helped during the contraction. We turned them off only to have them spontaneously come back on during a strong contraction. It was terrible and enough for me to get out of the tub immediately! :)

Convinced I was REALLY close now, the nurse checked me at 2am and said I was now at 3. So frustrating! I couldn't believe I only dilated 1 cm in 3 hours and I was struggling with how painful it was getting. By 4am I told the nurse I wanted an epidural. Chris was exhausted from pushing on me, I was exhausted from the contractions and didn't have the same strong commitment to a drug-free labor. I got the epidural and the nurse checked me again right after. She said it made sense I was in so much pain because I went from 3 to 8 cm in 2 hours. Regardless, I was happy for the opportunity to catch my breath.
By 6am I was fully dilated and ready to push. Dr. Klingner told us to rest for an hour and then we'd start pushing. She explained a first time mom can push for 2 - 3 hours and I'd need more energy. Sleep? How do you sleep when you know you're that close to meeting your baby? So, I laid there waiting for 7am to come.
At 7, Dr. Klingner came back and set everything up. The epidural was perfect because I could still feel everything and was only numb from my thighs to my belly button. I started pushing by 7:15 and Jack was born at 7:30am! Everyone was surprised at how easily he came out, I was just grateful that it didn't take a c-section or hours of pushing to get him here. We expected a fairly good-sized baby because we were both pretty big (I was 9lbs 1oz, Chris was 8lbs 11 oz) and we weren't disappointed. Jack weighed in at 8lbs, 9oz. and 21-3/4" long.
We stayed at the hospital until Wednesday evening and were able to come home. We're so excited to have him here (and a little sleep deprived). He's such a beautiful baby and we feel very blessed to have him!
Jack on the scale, right after birth.

Jack had a little bruise under his left eye from the birth, but it was gone by the next day.
First time in the carseat, heading home!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not yet.....

Being pregnant has definitely given me a lesson in being out of control! My due date was Monday and I've been fielding questions all day, every day since then from everyone wanting to know whether I've had the baby yet. It gives me a new perspective on leaving pregnant women alone. I have no control over when he comes, so can't give anyone an answer as to why he isn't here yet. Not only that, his 'due date' was just on Monday! It hasn't even been a week, people!
We've been so fortunate to have met such great friends since moving to Fort Collins. There are four other women who are due this month that we're friends with. Aron and Patricia had their little girl, Samira, last Tuesday. Our neighbors Ashly and Todd had their little girl on Saturday and Jamie and Jessica just had their little girl, Aida Joy, today. Last ones standing are me and Kacee, the only two expecting little boys. Go figure. Kacee's theory is the boys were being gentlemen and letting the girls come first. :) We just feel blessed to have so many other babies (and first-time parents) to share this experience with. Now we're just waiting to meet Jack!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

39-1/2 weeks!

We had an appointment with the doctor today and she said I have to start taking it easy or she'll take me off work. It's so tough! The problem is my feet/ankles are starting to swell and she's worried that if I don't take it easy I could develop something more serious, like high blood pressure. So, I have until Monday to get my ankles to look better or that's it.
Hopefully we don't get that far because I've already decided Jack will be born this Saturday, the 15th. Haha....we'll see. I even put it on my schedule at work. :) Really, I guess I'm not in a huge hurry because my due date isn't even until Monday. I just don't want to deal with being past my due date and fielding a million questions. And, we are ready to meet this baby!! Plus, (me and my quirky number issues) it would be really neat if he was born on the 15th. Jennifer and I are exactly 15 months apart and if he's born on the 15th, Jack and Jonathon will be exactly 13 months apart. How neat for cousins!
At our appointment, Dr. Klingner did say the baby has dropped a little bit (I was measuring 38-1/2cm last week and am now measuring 37) and I'm more like 40% effaced...still not dilated. We'll see.....

Re-upholster glider....check

My timing isn't very good on this, considering I'm due any day, but I really wanted to get this glider done before the baby was born. We bought this glider on Craigslist and I thought it looked a little worn and I didn't like the color. I found a fabric that I thought would go well with the monkey/jungle theme we have in the nursery without being blue or light green....the jury is still out on the color (Eddie said it looks like it's from the 1950's) but I like it! The best part is I got it done before the baby is here!

The first photo is what it used to look like....