Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All moved in!

Let me just start by saying I hate moving. The fortunate part is we are blessed with wonderful friends and family who came to the rescue! After moving loads to the new house all week in our vehicles, we finally got a U-haul on Saturday and, with the help of those wonderful friends, got all the big stuff moved over. It was such a great feeling to walk around and know we're actually in our own house! No more renting from wackos! The first few days have been crazy with not being able to find anything, but it will get better once we get everything put away.

My least favorite part of moving is having to decide how I want everything organized because I know it has to be just right or I'll keep moving it until it is. The kitchen is the hardest part. When I walked into our new kitchen, I played the game of 'if I was silverware, which drawer would I be in?' to decide where things went. Our master bedroom closet has a wonderful organization system in it, but getting everything organized in that system took a lot of time! The problem is at 37 weeks pregnant, I have the drive to get it done but my body is not willing! I haven't had any problems with my feet swelling....until this weekend. I think it was just too much to be working until midnight or 1am on Friday and Saturday night and I wasn't good about taking enough breaks. I feel like an 80 year old woman this week! But, even with all that, I feel very blessed to be in the house before the baby is born and now just focus on getting ready to welcome him into the world.

Speaking of baby, we had our last classes today! Dr. Klingner (our fantastic doctor) suggested loading whatever we could into our 'toolbox' for labor, since we don't know what we're getting into. Based on that suggestion, I've spent a lot of time on relaxation techniques (like Hypnobabies) and Chris and I took a class on using a TENS unit today. It's interesting because the purpose is to stimulate nerves that override your perception of the contractions. We tried it on our arm and it did make my arm feel numb. Hopefully it'll have the same effect on contractions!

The other class we had today was the carseat and safety class. We feel much more prepared now! It was great because we did it at the fire station and they showed us different techniques for properly installing the carseat and lots of safety tips. For instance, I didn't know a good way to tell if a toy/object will be a choke hazard is to see if it fits through an empty toilet paper roll. If it does, it's small enough to choke a little one. Good tip!

So, now we've got as much hypothetical education as we can get before the real practice begins! At our 36 week appointment, Dr. Klingner said I was 20% effaced and the baby had dropped to a -2. She said it doesn't mean we'll have the baby soon but she doesn't anticipate going past my due date. I hope she's right! We're so excited to meet this little baby!