Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It really is a boy!

Today we had our 3rd ultrasound (hopefully final ultrasound)! It was really great to see the baby and the best part was actually getting confirmation on the sex. I was having a hard time imagining a little girl in there but have forced myself to try and stay neutral. I just felt boy, I guess I was right!
We went to the hospital's imaging department this time, instead of Harmony Imaging (where we had the first two). It was interesting to be in the hospital for the first time and see where we'll be coming in another 12 weeks when it's time for baby Jack to make his appearance. The hospital seemed very nice and we really liked the ultrasound tech. They actually had a giant flat panel screen on the wall in front of the bed so we didn't have to try to look at the monitor the technician uses. It's the little things! Everything looked really great on the ultrasound images (heart, kidneys, stomach, bladder, palate) and the only thing I'm keeping my fingers crossed on is that he turns. Today he was breech, so his head was up at the top of my uterus by my ribs. I think he must have recently turned that way because I was feeling a lot of kicking up under my right ribs and today it was all in my bladder. I REALLY prefer the rib kicks.

Here are a few updated ultrasound photos.

Isn't this the cutest little profile? I know, I'm biased. I was amazed because that little think below his chin by the placenta is his foot. Looks a little uncomfortable, right?

This is a front view of the face, instead of the 'skeletor baby' they got a shot of the soft tissue. It's a little hard to make out, but you can kind of see the eyes, nasal bone, and mouth. Poor guy looks like he's being squished between the placenta (top) and side of the uterus.

Here's the proof! Our 'explicit' photo that shows our little guy is a guy.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A little preparation!

I have no idea who thought up the list of 'must haves' for a baby but it's amazing how many things you 'NEED' before the baby arrives. We've decided to try and save money where we can by buying things used. Really, how used can baby items be??

So, Christopher and I got up early yesterday morning for some craigslist bargains. We drove all the way down to Colorado Springs (two hours) for a slightly used stroller that was the exact one we had registered for. The best part was it is $170 new and we got it for $75. First deal of the day! It looks a little bit masculine, but we really liked the orange and gray/black (Go Beavs!) so we went with this one.

Our next stop was back up to Aurora (suburb of Denver) to look at the carseat that matches the stroller. This one was brand new (still in the box) and instead of $180, we only paid $100!

Our third stop was to Parker where we found a great used crib and matching dresser for $300. Great deal considering the crib alone would have been more than that if we bought it new. Although we initially said we wanted something in dark wood, this set looks very nice and sturdy. I've attached a few pics that the person who sold it on craigslist took, so this isn't our nursery but shows the furniture pretty well.

So, we finally have a few things we'll need for the baby. Hard to believe it's only a little over three months away!!