Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another appointment

We had another doctor's appointment this afternoon. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat again. At first I thought it was just my heartbeat we were listening to and the doctor had to tell us it was the baby's. It just sounded a lot slower (it was 145 bpm) and stronger. Exciting!
The doctor told us about the old wives tale that says after 20 weeks if the heartbeat is over 160 bpm it's a girl and if it's under it's a boy. She also said that the reason the heartbeat is slower now compared to last time is that the heart rate will slow down as the baby gets older. So, Chris put together that if it slows down as the baby gets older and it's already under 160, maybe it's a boy. We'll see!
Other than that, she told us we get to schedule the ultrasound for week 19. I'll be 16 weeks on Monday, so in less than a month we'll get to actually see the baby and maybe find out what we're having!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Chunky Monkey....almost 15 weeks

No, not the ice cream. Me! This is the weirdest feeling to see and feel your body getting bigger and know it's not attributed to something you should change. I'm very excited, but it's a weird thing to get used to. I'm just trying to watch what I eat and walk every day (or most days!).

On another note, I think I'm starting to feel the baby move.....maybe, but I'm not sure (was that a sentence?) It just feels like a little flutter in the same spot that the doctor found the heartbeat. It isn't all the time, just every couple of days and feels like nothing I've ever felt before. I hestitate to say that's what it is because I am still a little early to be feeling it.
Other than me being obsessed with the world of babies, not much is going on. The economy has been a little stressful, but we'll be fine. There are a lot of engineering companies initiating pay cuts (5% at HP, up to 40% at AMD) and mandatory days off. We just feel thankful that none of that is happening at Broadcom and Chris' job seems pretty secure.
Back to baby brain, we have another dr. appt on Wednesday. I can't wait to hear the heartbeat again!