Monday, January 26, 2009


Today was a big baby day! We had our first OB appointment this afternoon with Dr. Klingner. It was great to get to meet her and see how she felt about what we want to do. I told her I'd like to have as little intervention as possible (unless medically necessary) and she told me she had both her children with a midwife and did it drug-free. That's great news because I know she's open to letting me try it. Of course, I have NO idea what it'll actually feel like to be in labor so I'm not going to say I'm totally against it, I just want to be able to listen to what my body needs. She also told us that she'll be there to deliver the baby. Her practice is the only one in Fort Collins that the doctors stay on call for their own patients. That's great because I know all my appointments will be with her and I don't have to worry about a random doctor I haven't met being there for the birth. As I say that though, I'm reminding myself that she did say she has eight pregnancies she's managing that are due in August and normally only has four. So hopefully there won't be any conflicts. I'm imagining if all her patients are delivered at the same hospital (which they will be) that even if someone else is in labor it should be ok.
So, another thing about their practice is they don't do an ultrasound until 20 weeks unless you want to do genetic testing (more on that later). So at our appointment she just used a doppler to listen for the heartbeat. At first, all she could find was my heartbeat. She said my ovarian arteries were really strong and she didn't know if it would allow her to pick up the baby's heartbeat. After a few minutes of trying (right when I was getting discouraged) she found it! It was so amazing to hear. I looked over at Chris and his eyes were really big. My reaction was to start giggling. Bad reaction when you're trying to listen to a little heartbeat inside you. I'd stop laughing long enough for her to find the heartbeat again and as soon as I heard it....I'd laugh again! I wanted to stop so bad just so I could hear it for a little while but I was so giddy I couldn't control it. The doctor said most people usually cry, not laugh. What can I say? :) The best part is we'll be able to listen to it at every appointment so I'm looking forward to hearing it again at the end of February.
Our other baby event for the day was our First Trimester class. It was interesting to see other pregnant couples in there. Of course, I'm so A-type that as soon as I found out I was pregnant I was reading everything I could find on pregnancy. So, most of what they talked about was old news for me. But, Chris hasn't been such an information dork and thought it was pretty informative.
I'm starting to show a little bit but mostly just feel fat. My pants are getting too tight so it's uncomfortable to button them. My favorite part is knowing why they're getting tight. :)