Saturday, December 13, 2008


I got up this morning and took a pregnancy test. I have had a lot of uh, shall we say, 'chest tenderness' so decided to get some results! Part of me thought it would be positive but when I actually saw the two little lines come up that confirmed it, I was kind of shocked! Chris had no idea I was even taking the test so I went downstairs to let him know. For a second I had the weirdest reaction. I was a little sheepish to say anything. Of course we were letting nature take it's course and I knew he'd be excited but it seemed like such a foreign thing to be telling him! He was excited but had a kind of 'why are you surprised?' reaction. I guess I just thought it would take months and months to actually have it happen. We're waiting until Christmas to tell anyone, so we'll have some time to let it sink in. :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

New Zealand

New Zealand in two words: expensive and beautiful. :) We had a great time but were shocked at how much everything cost. My favorite example: we went to a little Mexican/Spanish restaurant in Queenstown one night for dinner. I had a chicken burrito (just chicken and a tortilla, nothing else). Chris had a combination plate with one taco and one enchilada. We split a margarita. The cost, you ask? $85NZ which is about $60US. Isn't that nuts? That would have been less than $20 here!!! There were so many things we wanted to do but it was just too expensive. There was tandem bungee jumping (which we thought would have made a perfect Christmas card!) but it was $600. Couldn't justify jumping off a bridge for $600. Hangliding was $300.

So, needless to say, it was a very frugal honeymoon. We brought our sleeping bags and pillows in case we wanted to go camping. The first four nights we stayed in hotels and then found these awesome campgrounds that had cute little cabins you could rent for $60 a night ($100/night cheaper than the hotels). They had a bed, kitchen utensils, a refrigerator, etc. but you still had to walk to the main building for showers and bathrooms. Still, it was fun and we had a great time. When we got to New Zealand, we only had a rental car and a general idea of where we wanted to go. It was the best way to go because I tend to overthink everything and if I knew we had reservations somewhere I was worried I'd get stressed if something came up and we didn't make it there that night. Make sense? We never had any problems but did have some very long days in the car! I'm pleased to say we only got into one 'disagreement' and it was over who's ipod we were listening to more. We have completely different taste in music and tend to tolerate the other's music. After a few minutes of heated discussion, we started laughing at how dumb it was to actually be fighting over something so insignificant. I think it was just a result of so many hours in the car. I have lots and lots of pictures on snapfish, but posted a few for you to see here.

This first pic is at Red Triangle Winery outside Napier. We rented the tandem bike in the picture from this place called 'On Yer Bike'. They gave us a map with an 18 mile loop that covered 7-8 wineries and a homemade lunch. The bike was really hard to get used to (since I had absolutely no control in the back!) but it was a beautiful trip. The only part we didn't really think of is it was a warm day and we were drinking wine and riding a bike in the wind. By the time we were done, we were both a little buzzed and ready to get off the bike. :)

This is one of the MANY one lane bridges that we went over. Some were a little scary because they would go around a bend and you were never sure if a car was coming in the other direction. The only direction you got was the little round sign on the side that showed you whether you had right-of-way or not.

Isn't the color of the water amazing?? It looks fake, even in person. This was an old washed out bridge near Fox Glacier. Beautiful!

As I said, lots more on snapfish. We had a great time but after coming back and comparing it to Kauai, I have to admit I still think Kauai was my favorite vacation!!!